Friday, December 11, 2015

BlackVoxel - Free Voxel Based Sandbox Game

Blackvoxel can be a new sandbox game based on a voxel engine. Development started with Aug. 2010 as being a hobby research task because we wished to play with voxel based paradigms. With time period, the bunch associated with code slowly became a real game project. The action is written with C/C++ programming langage employing OpenGL and working on Linux and Windows os. MacOS version could possibly be planed in the future if users loves it.

The story take place in the future. Tired of the actual civilisation, you thought we would retire to any distant world. You purchased a new discovered planet inside your local planet promoting agency.
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The dealer made a fantastic price on any paradisiac planet with beautiful landscape with islands, sandy seashores, palm forest plus a beautiful blue sky. The catalog showed an amicable world populated associated with peacefull animals. You take a new ship and go through the long journey. Over the trip, you thought of your new world. And finaly, following a year of boring travell you gotten to the orbit and also started the attaining procedure.

Infortunately, you hit an asteroid that has been not on the map whilst your ship was greatly damaged. The ship had not been controllable anymore and finally you crashed on the planet. By probability, you still well, but most of your equipment and supplies was destroyed. As soon as you looked around an individual, your realized that the planet wasn't just what the dealer promised for your requirements. What a strange and desolated world that has a black sky and also strange luminous blocks!!!

All what the thing is that is uncommon and you also know nothing over it.., As you look on the personal digital associate, you noticed you received a significant email that arrived using powerfull international calls intergalactic emitters: the agency said that they can may have made a mistake because someone confused planet data files. They said that inside the eventuality you continue to be alive, the sales contract did not mention the details of the surface of the planet, and infortunately, they can made any trade and refund. But simply uses do something, you've got no choice: you've got no intergalactic ship to flee and no acceptable communication equipment to query some help.


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